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Shopping in Changchun

Changchun is the capital city of Jilin Province and a political, economic, communication, cultural and tourist center of the province. Changchun is the largest center for manufacturing crafts and marketing local products in Jilin Province. To provide a good Changchun shopping environment for domestic and foreign tourists, the city has introduced a designated management system of tourist shopping.

Changchun is very convenient for shopping.there are many large shopping malls are waiting for you.Some of stores in Changchun sell speciality local products of Jilin Province and some handcrafts made by local peasants.The local handicrafts include bark painting, Dehui straw-woven wares and wood carving. Ginseng, marten and pilose antlers are considered to be the three treasures of Jilin for their nutritional properties and rareness.

Jinghuange Gallery of Bethune Medical University
Add: #2 Xinmin Avenue, Changchun
Description: mainly sells paintings, arts and crafts, curio and special products of Northeast China
Hours: 8:30am-6: 30pm

Artists Gallery of Jilin Provincial Art Academy
Add: #3 Dongminzhu Avenue, Changchun
Description: mainly sells paintings, arts, handicrafts and local specialties
Hours: 8:30am-6pm

Changchun Manufacturing Plant of Leather and Straw Handicrafts
Description: Fur handicrafts, carpets, leather and straw products available.
Add: #2 Beiqitiao Rd., Changchun
Hours: 8:30am-6: 30pm

Foreign Language Bookstore
Add: #44 Tongzhi St. Changchun
Tel: 5675854
Description: This is a good place to buy foreign books and magazines.
Hours: in summer 8:40am-8: 30pm; in winter 9am-5pm

Changchun Department Store
Add: #59 Renmin Avenue, Changchun
Description: As one of the largest and oldest shopping centers in Changchun, it mainly sells items for daily use.
Hours: 8:30am-8: 30pm

Friendship Department Store
Add: #99-1 Renmin Avenue, Changchun
Description: It mainly sells articles for daily use, communication and electronic products, textiles, stationery, and arts and crafts
Hours: 8:30am-8: 30pm

European-Asian Commercial Store
Add: #14 Gongnong Avenue, Changchun
Description: One of the largest shopping centers in Changchun
Hours: 8:30am-9pm

Yatai Supermarket
Add: Er Dao District, Changchun
Hours: 8:30am-9pm
Description: With a floor space of 12,000 square meters, it sells more than 10,000 different commodities.