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Shopping in Garze

Ganzi Speciality shopping

1) Dried Yak Meat

Yak meat is beef-like, but more delicious in flavor, contains no marbling because the yak is a cold climate animal, and the fat is located around the outside of the body.

In the United States, yak meat is becoming more popular in restaurants. In Central Asia yak meat is dried, or deep frozen in natures own freezer, for storage and portability.

The fat content of yak meat is low (3.8%, 1/16th the fat of beef).The cholesterol level is under 50.Yak meat is high in protein (22.95%), and has less calories than beef or chicken breast!

2) Yak Horn Combs

The combs are made from a very special material, the horns ofT ibetan wild yaks. The cold harsh weather of the environment causes the yak horn to grow in a high density, so the comb is very durable. Local Tibetans consider such a comb to be a very precious gift. The comb is also healthy for your hair and scalp as it does not create static. Each comb has a unique look because of the growth of the horn grain is always individual.

This comb can be a great gift, for use daily, or add to your Personal Collection