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Shopping in Guangzhou

Guangzhou products, with their appealing combination of high quality and competitive pricing, as well as the various trade fairs in Guanghzou, making it a 'Shopping Paradise'. There are many stores and malls along the streets of Guangzhou. In addition, as an important export & import city, Guangzhou has a lot of wholesale markets of different products such as garment, shoes, handbags, toys and IT products which are many international visitors' interests.

Wholesales Markets

Wholesale Market for Garments
1 Baima Clothing Market
Add: No.16, Zhannan Rd, Yuexiu District

2 Zhan Xi Garment market
Add: No.1-4, Zhan Xi Rd, Yuexiu District

3 Liu Hua Clothes Wholesale market
Add: No. 194, Huan Shi Xi Rd, Yuexiu District

4 Jiangnan Wedding dress Market
Add: Jiangnandadaobei, Haizhu District

Wholesale Market for Bags
1 Baiyun World Leather Trading Centre 白云皮具世界
Add: No.1356-1358 Jie Fang Bei Rd, Baiyun District

2 Yi Sen Leather Market 亿森皮具城
Add: No.1389, Jie Fang Bei Rd, Baiyun District

Wholesale Market for Shoes
1 Bu Yun Tian Di 步云天地
Add: No. 26, Zhan Xi Rd, Yuexiu District

2 Guangzhou EuroCommerial Plaza Shoes City 欧陆鞋城
Add: No.24, Zhanxi Rd, Yuexiu District

3 Dadushi Shoes Market 大都市鞋城
Add: No.88, Jiefangnan Rd, Yuexiu Districtt

Wholesale Market for Electronic products
Xicheng Commercial Electric Appliances Centre 西城电器城
Address: No. 9 – 19, Dongfeng Xi Rd, Yuexiu District

In addition, the following are 3 famous shopping places and streets in Guangzhou:

1. Shang Xia Jiu Street
Although just as crowed with people and shops as Beijing Road shopping street, Guangzhou Shangxiajiu shopping street has a decidedly stronger traditional/historical feel than the modern Beijing Road. The shops here are housed in colonial-era Qilou buildings, which are a unique blend of 19th century European and Chinese architecture. The connected arcade formed by the buildings' protuding second floors protect pedestrians from the frequent rain showers. Sculptures along the street depict the lifestyle in old Guangzhou.

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Address: Li Wan District, Shang Xia Jiu Lu
Directions: Subway Line 1 - Chang Shou Lu Station, Exit A. Walk south about 300 meters along Bao Hua Lu until the end of the road, then turn left (east) into Shang Xia Jiu street.

2. Haizhu Square Wholesale Market
A huge wholesale/flea market where it seems like all of China's factories have setup store fronts. All kinds of stuff are on sale here - toys, souvenirs, electronics, dried foods, housewares, clothes, lamps, etc. Remember to bargain - the price they quote you is just their "starting price".

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Address: Hai Zhu Guang Chang
Directions: Subway Line 2 - Hai Zhu Guang Chang (Haizhu Square)

3. Beijing Road Shopping Street
The oldest and biggest shopping district in Guangzhou city - the Beijing Road Shopping Street in Guangzhou is packed with shops selling a large variety of stuff: apparel, jewellery, souvenirs, toys, leather goods, shoes, bags, snacks, drinks, you name it. Be prepared to jostle for space with large numbers of people and countless garish neon signs, which some may consider an attraction unto itself.
Related attractions: Shang Xia Jiu Street, Haizhu Square Wholesale Market
Address: Yuexiu District, Beijing Road
Directions: Subway Line 1 - Gong Yuan Qian station. Once you exit the station, walk east for about 400 meters until you hit Bei Jing Lu (Beijing Road), then turn right (south)