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Shopping in Hohhot

Shopping in Hohhot  is  just like most cities in China, there are a lot of department stores and shopping malls that sell a wide range of conventional domestic and international brands. There are many districts in Hohhot that are home to these stores. All the local products from Inner Mongolia are available in Hohhot.

Local products from Mongolia are the Mongolian knives, carpets, cashmere, balin stone and Mongolian metalwork particularly silver. Though these items can be found in large shopping centers, it gives more interesting cultural experience to buy them at local markets. Other souvenirs like calligraphy, jade, porcelain and woodcarvings also can be found in all of the tourist areas as well as some of the department stores.

A place like the Inner Mongolia Antique Shop is an all- in- one place that caters to the tourist needs and has a good selection of local products. The price here is higher but if you are good at bargaining, you can get those products in a local market for cheaper price.