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Shopping in Jian

When travel to Jian, there are a lot of local products to buy. Since Jian is one of the major production bases of ginseng, most people will buy some ginseng when travel to Jian. Jian is also a production base of bee products. All products of the bee series including honey, pollen, propolis and royal jelly are from Changbai Mountain, which are quite popular among tourists by their rich nutrition and distinct functions.

Since grapes grown in Jian are quite sweet and juicy, people are likely to buy some local grape wine made of the native grapes. Grape wine from Jian is not only a taste for the family, also a great gift for friends.

Wood frogs in Jian is quite a rare food material by its fresh and tender meat, and high nutritious. When travelling in Jian, you can taste some fresh dishes made from wood frogs. And when you leave, you can buy some nourishment made from wood frog's oviduct.

Or cakes, powder and sugars made from the native chestnuts are other popular food products from Jian County.