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Shopping in Jinan

Shopping in Jinan you will discover there is a whole host of goods available whether in the malls or in the markets. Just like Nanjing Street in Shanghai and Wangfujing Street in Beijing, Quancheng Street is the Name Card of Jinan. It is the oldest central business area in Jinan. It is also the core area to display the historic and cultural characteristics of the ancient city Jinan.

Daguanyuan Shopping Center

The Daguanyuan Shopping Center in Jinan is a well known and honored retailer. There are over 50,000 commodities within the shopping centre such as clothing, shoes, daily appliances, textiles, food and wine.

Yinzuo Shopping Center

Yinzuo Shopping Center is Jinan’s largest and most high class shopping center. The shopping center covers an area of 58,000 square meters with over 120,000 products on offer. There is also a business building within the center and is equipped with the latest technology and service facilities.

Quancheng Road Commercial Street

Quancheng Road is home to a large number of shops and stores including the famous Guihe Plaza. Jinan’s largest bookstore Xinhua Bookstore is also located on this street along with some of fashions most luxurious brand stores.