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Shopping in Jingdezhen

Jingdezhen has a long history for making porcelain and is not merely famous for its porcelain, the local red and green tea is also very famous in this region. Jingdezhen was also called the Porcelain capital, so Jingdezhen is well-known for its porcelain and tourists can buy the porcelain and tea from localmarkets and shops. 

Local Specialties and Souvenirs in Jingdezhen

Jingdezhen is known as the “town of porcelain” and is not merely famous for its porcelain making; the more important is the porcelain it produced enjoys great prestige in the whole world. The porcelain is a great invention of China and an important symbol of China’ ancient civilization. Moreover, tea is another featured products of Jingdezhen. 

Blue and White Porcelain
The Chinese are familiar with this kind of porcelain, as it is highlighted in a popular song. The colors of blue and white porcelain are mainly blue and white, and the white is outstanding and refined. Once, when centuries-old blue and white porcelain pieces were unearthed, they had retained their bright color. Blue and white porcelain is very popular in China.

Wucai Porcelain
Wucai is a type of overglaze decoration. After firing the piece at a low temperature; red, green, yellow, blue, and purple enamels are applied to the white ware. Wucai has been popular since the early Qing Dynasty.

Eggshell Porcelain
Eggshell porcelain got its name from its thin, colorful, and transparent appearance, and it has been that way since the North Song Dynasty. During different times, this thin and transparent porcelain has always been the shining star among ceramics. Significant eggshell porcelain products are vases, tableware, and other pieces.

Huo Tea
Huo Tea was been grown in the mountine area of Fuliang town. It is a kind of green tea. The tea is famous and like by local people and tourists.

Shopping Places in Jingdezhen

The most concentrated shopping area is the Porcelain market, located in the city center. Bus No.16 or 47 goes to the Jungdezhen shopping centre. 

Porcelain Street
Address: South Lianshe Road 
Transportation: Take city bus No.1, 11, 12, 15, 18, or 20 and get off at Renmin Square Station.

Sanlv Temple Ancient Street
Address: near North Zhongshan Road, Jingdezhen
Transportation: Take city bus No.11 and get off at Lishi Du Station.

Daily Shopping Places in Jingdezhen

Huada Shopping Mall
Address: Zhushan Road 171
Tel: 0798-8523666

Rixing Department Store
Address: Jingdezhen Taibaiyuan
Tel: 0798-8572699

Xinyue Square
Xinyue Square mainly sells inexpensive clothing. Even though the clothing is ordinary, they are fashionable. You can also bargain with the shopkeepers.
Address: near the Middle Zhushan Road, Jingdezhen
Transportation: Take city bus No.11 and get off at Doufu Nong Station.

Zhejiang Shopping Mall
Like Xinyue Square, Zhejiang Shopping Mall sells ordinary clothes and bags that are reasonably priced.
Address: near South Square Road
Transportation: Take city bus No.6 and get off at South Square Road Station.