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Shopping in Kaifeng

There are more than 100,000 commercial service sites in Kaifeng city. The main business streets are the Bookstore Street located in the city center, Sihou Street and Drum Tower Street. The main department store and markets are the Model Shopping Center, Xiangguo Temple Market, and People’s Department Store.These are the best shopping place.

Kaifeng as a historical city offers tourists a wide range of souvenirs. The most popular and famous ones are Bian embroidery, wood engraved pictures of Zhuxian Town, and Guan porcelain.

Bian embroidery is also called Song embroidery, which is one of the famous Chinese Embroidery types. The price of the embroideries range from just a few yuan to more than CNY10,000 - it depends on the size and quality of the embroidery itself.There is a Bian embroidery factory in Kaifeng, where you could enjoy the procedure and techniques of the craft. There are also lots of embroideries on offer in the factory.

Wood engravings of Zhuxian Town is one of the oldest wooden arts of China, used mainly as paintings during the spring festival. It is called Muban Nianhua in Chinese.Zhuxianzhen is the home of the pictures. As it’s used for the spring festival, the pictures are designed with exaggerated features and represent good fortune and happiness. Prices range from about CNY150.00 to CNY400.00 for one booklet.

Guan Porcelain is one of the five porcelain types in China.Since the technique for making Guan porcelain has been lost, the original porcelain is very rare. It was only made for the Royal family of the Northern Song Dynasty. Through under 3 years research and experimentation, the Kaifeng Guan Porcelain of Northern Song Dynasty Institute found a perfect way of firing the porcelain which is very similar to the original Guan porcelain. Now it has become a very popular souvenir among people visiting Kaifeng. The price ranges from a few hundred to over a thousand Chinese Yuan.

For the daily items, you are suggested to go to Sam’s Time Square at No. 66, Middle Zhongshan Road, where you could find almost everything you’ll need during your stay in Kaifeng.

Shidun Jie is a nice street in the very heart of the town, boasting some original Qing style houses with pretty overhanging balconies. TEvery evening, peddlers display their odds and ends in brightly illuminated stalls.he market is the real pull here , and is famous even outside the province for its rich variety of wares. Everything from underwear to cosmetics and plastic kitchenware is up for grabs. Xiangguo Temple Market is probably the largest of its kind, boasting over 3,000 stalls, large and small.

Xiangguo Temple Market is probably the largest of its kind, boasting over 3,000 stalls, large and small. Around the corner from Shidun Jie and Gulou Jie are the food stalls, a paradise for gourmets with a thin wallet--serving a variety of local specialties for just a few yuan.

Souvenir hunters will find Song Jie at the northern section of Zhongshan Lu the most interesting. Tourist shops, built to resemble buildings from the Song Dynasty, line both sides of the street here. 

Hope this travel shopping guide can help you.