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Shopping in Kaiping

There are several shopping malls and supermarkets in the center of Kaiping city. There you can buy fashion clothes, daily necessities, specialties and many other things you want to.

Jin Qiao Cheng (金桥城). This is a large leisure center for both shopping and entertainment where you can buy various kinds of articles from fashionable clothes to cosmetics, from daily necessities to exquisite gifts, from DVDs to local specialties, and so on. Also there are beauty centers for you to get a relaxed experience food restaurants to taste delicious food, and other entertainment venues to enrich your life. In addition to its completed service facilities, Jin Qiao Cheng has become one of the main shopping and entertainment center in Kaiping.

Kaiping Tourist Shopping Street (开平旅游步行街). This is a must mention shopping mall as well as a tourist site in Kaiping. This is a shopping street as long as 800 meters with two storeys and more than 400 shops. This large building is a mixture of western and eastern. Buildings there are similar to many famous buildings in Europe, like The White House, the Arc de Triomphe from France, the Germany Castle, the London Bridge, the Netherlands windmill and so on. On the roof, there is a large garden with fountains, pavilions, porticos and large white marble sculptures. Shopping in such a place with modern and western features is really a pleasant journey.

Yi Hua Plaza (益华广场). This is a large commercial plaza featured by large scale, high class and multiple functions. It is located in the commercial prime center of Musha Road. It has a total area of 68,000 square meters with 8 storeys. There are department stores and supermarkets, restaurants and snack street, western-style fast food and Internet cafes, children playgrounds and movie theaters, and entertainment centers for karaoke, fitness, sauna and so on.