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Shopping in Kashgar

Kashgar has a variety of well-known unique ethnic characteristics handicrafts. The beautiful and comfortable carpet, a variety of taqiyah, simple elegance ancient earthenware, crafted jewelry, exquisite and unique Yengisar knife, gorgeous bright Ed Royce silk, economical and practical wooden mold and various ethnic colorful prints instruments, are all highly favored by vistors from home and abroad.

Kashgar has a reputation of "fruit town".There are many fruits like figs, sea buckthorn, pistachio, Jiashi melon, pear, apricot, grape, peach, mulberry, pomegranate, walnuts and so on. Pomegranates from Yecheng are very famous in China.

The best shopping markets in Kashgar is Kashgar Grand Bazaar.Visitors can buy all kinds of Xinjiang special merchandise there.At the same time,there are also many other supermarkets and department stores.