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Shopping in Nalati

What to buy in Nalati?Nalati prairie was named one of the six most beautiful grasslands in China. Erie Daqu ,also called “Erie Tequ”,is the famous specialty in Nalati.With the great tastes,this liquor is known as "Xinjiang Maotai."

In addition,there are many other Erie Grassland specialties such as Erie horse intestines, pilos antler, peach, deer blood wine, red apple and so on.

There are also many Nalati distinctive Kazakh tourist souvenirs like handmade embroidery, wooden bowls, wooden vases, wooden spoon, Sibo sachets, claw whip, Yining saddles and various ethnic jewelry,they all are decorative handicrafts and have great value.

Xilaipukai is the main tourist shopping store in Yining.It is called as "Hong Kong Bazaar" and "Little Shanghai".It has all kinds of fashion goods from IS countries, Pakistan, India, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other countries and regions.