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Shopping in Nanning

Nanning is famous for a broad range of products, ranging from handicrafts, traditional medicines and fruits, to leather goods and the gold and silver ornaments made by the Zhuang people.

Nanning Local Products

Guangxi Silk Balls
Guangxi Silk Balls is made with colorful silk, filled with sand or grain. If a girl falls in love with a man, she throws the ball to him to show her affection. Now, it has become distinctive souvenirs of Nanning.

Zhuang Brocade
Produced by local Zhuang people, Zhuang Brocade is a beautiful handicraft which originated in the period of the Tang and Song Dynasty. Woven with cotton threads and colorful silk threads, the Zhuang Brocade is favored for their beautiful patterns, which shows a unique Zhuang style and durable quality. In addition, other characteristics like wide-ranging themes, well-knit structure, vivid designs, exquisite patterns and rich colors reflect the characters and wisdom of Zhuang people.

Shopping Places in Nanning

Chao Yang Road (city centre shopping)
As the main shopping street of Nanning, vistors can find many modern department stores on Chao Yang Road such as Nanning Department Store and Wal-Mart and other local and international brands.There are also KFC, Pizza Hut and McDonald's on this street.

Qixing Street (a Shopping Street with Brands of a Great Variety)
Vistors can buy everything they want on Qixing Street. There are various shops along the street from large shopping malls to small street vendors.