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Shopping in Ningbo

With its long history, Ningbo boasts a variety of handicrafts and antiques, such as Gu Mu Xiangqian sculptures, Xiangshan Bamboo Root carvings, Ming mats, Fanhuang bamboo sculptures, and Ningbo gold and silver embroidery. If you are after modern fare, the city naturally will satisfy your needs. Most of the city’s modern shopping malls and department stores are centred on Tianyi Square and Town God’s Temple. Shopping in Ningbo is a vibrant and pleasant experience.

The glittering shops of Tianyi Square in the center of Ningbo's Haishu district offer a variety of goods from cellphones to jewelry to traditional furniture. In the surrounding streets, high rise department stores, like the New World Department Store, offer a variety of domestic and foreign brands. For a more upscale option, Heyi Avenue, located a short walk from Tianyi Square towards the river, has big name stores like Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior. Opposite Heyi Avenue, Ningbo's Old Bund, while primarily an area of bars and restaurants, is becoming home to stores offering jewelry, home goods and more.

Those shopping in Ningbo for something cheap should head to Chenghuan Miao, located on Kaiming Jie opposite Tianyi Square or the Drum Tower. Both are filled with shops selling clothing, jewelry and knick-knacks at bargainable prices. Expect all first price offers to be at least twice as much or more than you should pay.

Ningbo Cultural Relics Shop

Address: #72 Mayuan Road, Ningbo
Description: Built in February 1962, Ningbo Cultural Relics Shop is the only special cultural relics shop run by the state in Ningbo.
Open daily: 8:30am-7pm

Xinhua Bookstore

Address: #91 Zhongshan East Road, Ningbo
Tel: 87281736
Description: This is a 4-floor bookstore selling a wide variety of English fiction and bilingual English-Chinese maps.
Opening Hours: 8:30am-9pm

Hualian Plaza

Address: Zhongshan E. Road, Ningbo
Description: This is the largest and best modernized retail plaza in Ningbo.
Opening Hours: 8:30am-9pm

Ningbo Town God's Temple Trading Tower

Address: Town God's Temple, Ningbo
Description: It mainly sells the gold jewelry, clocks, glasses, cosmetics, food, children's wear, stationery and clothing.
Opens Daily: 8:30am-8: 30pm