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Shopping in Qinghai

Located in the northwest of China's Qinghai plateau, although Qinghai is not very prosperous commercial area, it has abundant natural properties.Shopping in Qinghai,vistors should pay special attention to the unique characteristics of the Qinghai crafts and natural properties.

Theren aren’t many prosperous commercial area in Qinghai,so vistors can buy the great tourism products such as the Kunlun stones, Queling, knives, copper jug on the market.Tu people is an unique ancient nation in Qinghai.The fabric, handmade products of TU people have a high collection value.

Crystal Clear Butter Flower

Crystal Clear Butter Flower is the one of the “three art boutiques”in Huangzhong County. Delicate white butter is transferred to a variety of plastic art with the colorful butter. The butter flower of Ta ’ er Lamasery not only has high artistic level and unique artistic style,but also has large-scale spectacular and colorful content.

Nice blanket

The blanket is long-haired jacquard blanket which is carefully made from the famous Xining wool. Qinghai blanket has many great features like hair fullness, organized crime, variety, style complete, novel designs, bright color, fine workmanship, generous and beautiful.