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Shopping in Urumqi

Urumqi is a great place if you want to buy some exquisite gifts and souvenirs during your trip. Textiles and carpets handmade with fine workmanship and gorgeous exotic patterns should be great choices, and those big bazaars like Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar are great destinations for shopping.

The most important mart of Urumqi stand at the crossing of liberate road and democratic road.There are many markets here and it’s a feast for the eyes.There are two food streets,vistors can stroll. No matter to enjoy the national conditions and customs of Xinjiang or taste the local delicacies are all interesting.

Special products in Urumqi:

1. Beautiful Jade of Hetian

The malachite, carpet and silk in Hetian is called " three valuable of Hetian ". Hetian jade has best quality.
There are many kinds of them such as white jade, topaz, carbuncle, sapphire, purple jade, jasper, black jade,etc.The e white jade is sparkling and crystal-clear.It’s one of the top grade design.It is extremely difficult. People pick up the malachite at the river dam.If you are lucky, can really still find the valuable malachite !

2. Xinjiang Carpet

Xinjiang carpet is hanging the wall in the hall.The blanket board is sturdy and soft with elegant appearance.It’s ideal for family or the hotel.The texture of Xinjiang carpet is superior and weaved by hand. This kind of wool is thick instead of glueing, tough and tensile and is imbued with elasticity, able to bear drawing, being able to bear pressing, advantage with good, great in intensity gloss .

3. Colored Caps

Each visitor coming to Urumchi is attracted by the colored cap of the full street. The men and women, old and young all wear it.It practical and beautiful.It is not only the necessities in daily life, but also the precious gift presented to relatives, friends and honored guest. Nowadays, the small flower cap have been sold on the domestic and international markets.It has become the important travelling products.

Famous Shops and Stores

1. Dashizi Commercial Building
Address: 37 Jicfang N. Rd.
Tel: 2837036

2. Xinbai Building
Address: 103 Zhongshan Rd.

3. Dashizi Candy and Wine Commercial Building
Address: Jiefang N. Rd.

4. Urumqi Trade Center
Address: Zhongshan Rd.