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Shopping in Wuzhen

Fortuna Bay is not only the center of Wuzhen East Gate,but also the largest Fisheries distribution center of the town with the largest wholesale retailer “xihengyu’here. Linjiapuzi which is next to jinhezhai, operating goods from north to south,is a very famous traditional enterprise.

In Wuzhen, you can buy the famous food and drink specialties in Tongxiang and Wuzhen,such as aunts cake, Hang feverfew, Sanzhenzhai duck, Wuzhen lamb, smoked bean tea, snbai wine and so on.

If you are interested in the traditional crafts ,you can visit the traditional workshops in Wuzhen where display how to printing and dyeing of blue printed fabrics and the primitive techniques of cloth shoe making.You can even operate the machines to understand how the original work was carried out.

The Wuzhen traditional crafts is very good,the shoes, Chinese brushes, combs and blue printed fabrics are all all good choices for souvenir and gift.