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Shopping in Zhangzhou

Visitors to Zhangzhou are provided with abundant and diversed choices, from fresh local grown fruits, flowers, to dried preserved seafood. Three Treasures of Zhangzhou, namely Chinese Orchid, traditional medicine brand Pianhuangzai, and inpad with eight treatures, have enjoyed popularity among visitors.

Chinese Orchid
Zhangzhou is one of the most famous base of Chinese orchid and also use Chinese orchid as its emblem flower. In Jiuhu Town in Zhangzhou, curation bases of the gorgeous orchid dot everywhere, producing orchid flowers in two main species, single and complex. Both species grown in Zhangzhou are of worldwide fame for its lushness and fragnance.

Inkpad with Eight Treasures
Once an article of tribute to emperors in Qing-era, Zhangzhou inkpad with eight treasures is made from eight pricey materials, including pearl, agate, coral and etc. It boasts bright and sharp color, endurance from sun and fire.


Pianhuangzai is a pill effective in relieving pain, inflammation and scald. It is made from several precious traditional medicine materials such as musk, snake gall, pseudo-ginseng, and bezoar. This pill is originated from the receipt by imperial physician in Ming Dynasty, which was spread to common households as the physician took a retreat in a temple in Zhangzhou.