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China Visa issued by Chinese embassies and consulates overseas is required if visitors plan to travel in mainland China with the valid period of passport at least 6 months after the intended stay. There are several different types of Visa as follow:
Single-Entry Visa
Maximum of 30 days are allowed to stay in China with Single-Entry Visa which is usually valid for 3 months after the issue date. Majority of visitors only need to apply Single-Entry Visa for travel or general business purpose.
Double-Entry Visa:
The Double-Entry Visa is usually used for vistors who have to leave and re-entered mainland China. It is very important to aware that if you leave Mainland China for Macau or Hongkong, if you would like to re-enter mainland China, then you need to apply Double-Entry Visa.
Hong Kong & Macau:
For those countries’ residents who don’t have to apply Visa to enter Hong Kong in advance and able to stay maximum 90 days. If they plan to visit mainland China, then a visa need to be issued upon the arrival.
Residents come from 65 countries such as the United States, Japan and European Countries do not need to apply for a visa if they want to enter Macau. While visa that allows to stay maximum 30 days will be issued at the border control.
Visitors who leave Mainland China for Hong Kong and Macau, if you need to re-enter Mainland China, then they will need to apply for a new visa if they do not have the double-entry visa.
Transit passengers who have booked tickets and have seats on international planes on the route to third countries do not have to apply for Visa with no more than 24 hours in advance.
While it is strongly suggest you to check the most up-to-date information in the Chinese embassy websites in your country of residence. Please notice that if you need to extend the duration of your stay, visa holders need to apply for extention before visa expires at the exit & enter department of local public security authorities.
* We are pleased to tell you that China Tour Advisors will provide invitation letter for you to apply the visa if you book a tour with us.
The specific kind of VISA are domonstrated below:
In general, There are eight different types of Visa, which are distinguished by Chinese phonetic letters L, F, Z, X, C, G, D, J-1 and J-2 respectively.
L (tourist visa): Issued to applicant for tourist, family visiting purpose or other personal affairs.
F (business visa): Issued to applicant who have the intention to visit, business, lectures, reserch, culture exchanges, scientific-technological, short-term advanced studies and intern practice for a period less than six months.
Z (work visa): Issued to take up empolyment in China together with their accompamying family members.
X(student visa): Issued to students who come to study in China, incluing advanced studies or intern practice for no less than six months.
C (crew visa): Issued to applicants on international navigation, aviation and land transportation missions and family members accompany them
G(transit visa): Issued to passengers who transit through China.
D(resident visa): Issued to residents who is to reside permantly in China.
J-1 (journalist visa): Issued to foreign resident journalists in China.
J-2 (journalist visa): Issued to foreign resident journalists in China.
Tibet Travel Permit:
Independant visitors are not allowed to travel to Tibet unless they obtain both a valid China Visa and a Tibet Travel Permit which issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau as per the Chiese government regulations. Besides, Tibet Travel Permit can only be obtained through travel agencies. According to the related regulations, Only when the tourists have booked a Tibet tour with travel agency will they able to obtain the Tibet Travel Permits.
While China Tour Advisors offers great Tibet tour packages and will responsible for your Tibet Travel Permit. It is recommended that you book and comfirm the tour at least 15 days before you entered Tibet, so that enough time is ensured to deal with the application. 

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