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Anyang Transportation

Anyang has transport facilities so it is convenient to get in and get around: Beijing-Guangzhou railway, 107 national high way and Beijing-Shenzhen express highway, go directly from south to north; Anyang-Lizhen, Shi-Lin railway pass through the east; Anyang-Daqing highway runs straight through to Shandong Province, to the coastal cities. All of these form a traffic net, with the government in the center, connect passenger and cargo transport.

Get in Anyang

By Air

There is no airport in Anyang, but visitors can first arrive at the airport in Zhengzhou, which is 3 hours by bus or one and a half hours by bullet train to Anyang.

By Railway
The railway from Beijing to Guangzhou runs through An’yang, and in An’yang we can give on to Benjing northward and on to Zhengzhou as well as Wuhan southward. The trains from Beijing to Luoyan, Xi’an, Chengdu and Kunming all pass through An’yang. An’yang Railway Station is in the city center at the westernmost end of Liberation Road. 

By Highway
No.107 State Highway passes through An’yang, which complements the railway from Beijing to Guangzhou. There is an express highway from An’yang to Xuchang through Zhengzhou. It takes only 3 hours from An’yang to the capital of hennan Province-Zhengzhou if going in this express highway. The Long-distance Passenger Station is on the east of Railway Station.

Get Around Anyang City

Urban Traffic
The public traffic of Anyang develops very well and there are many public transport routes to scenic spots directly.
Bus No. 1, 15, 18: Yin Ruins Museum
Bus No. 15, 18: Yindou culture city
Bus No. 15: Yin Ling Hall
Bus No. 25, 26: Folk Art Museum, Wenfeng Tower, Gaoge Temple
Tourist Bus No. 10: Yue Fei Temple

The price of renting a taxi is 6 yuan as flag price for 3 kilometers, minibus 1 yuan for per kilometer and the car of Xiali brand 1.3 yuan per kilometer.