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Hohhot Transportation

Hohhot is the country's transport hub in central and western China regions, the land channel which communicate the north-west provinces and autonomous regions,but also the bridge linking China with Mongolia,Russia and Eastern European countries.

By Air

Hohhot Baita International Airport has been open 70 international and domestic routes.It has direct flights to Ulaanbaatar,Mongolia,and to Beijing,Shanghai,Guangzhou and other cities.

By Railway

There are 19 state-owned railway lines,12 extensions,5 local rail transit. "Riyihao"mearnings "ideal number"which are international container freight train links Hohhot and Frankfurt,Germany was opened in 2005.

Public Transport 

There are 23 taxi companies with taxi vehicles over 5000 in urban area.the total number of buses are more than 1600 rnits with 71 bus lines.The transport industry in Hohhot has developed rapidly.The density of road network reached 21.77 kilometers per 100 square kilometers.The three-dimensional traffic network has been formed initially.