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Jiaozuo Transportation

Located in the important transportation center in the Yellow River between the North and South and the communication between Henan and Shanxi Province, Jiaozuo has been the commodity distribution for the northwestern Henan since ancient.

Though there is no airport in Jiaozuo, it is quite convenient get access to Jiaozuo by air through the Xinzheng International Airport which is located in the southeast of Jiaozuo 100 kilometers away, or the Luoyang Beijiao Airport which is about 110 kilometers away. From the Xinzheng International Airport, there are highways of Jiaozhen and Xinzhen to get Jiaozuo city directly.

Jiaozuo Railway Station serves the main railway service in Jiaozuo. It is a transportation hub to connect the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, Jiaozuo-Liuzhou Railway, Taiyuan-Jiaozuo Railway and many other railways between the North and South, East and West.

Except the Jiaozuo Railway Station, there are Jiaozuo North Station, Jiaozuo East Station and Yueshan Station in Jiaozuo. Yueshan Station is the joint station between Taiyuan-Jiaozuo Railway and Jiaozuo-Houma Railway and is the largest cargo marshalling station in North Henan. From Jiaozuo station and Yueshan station, people can get to large cities like Beijing, Chongqing, Xian, Taiyuan, Shijiazhuang, Luoyang and so on.

Jiaozuo has a convenient road network to the surrounded cities and long-distanced cities in other provinces. The city has three long-distance bus stations, including Jiaozuo Long-distance East Bus Station, Jiaozuo Long-distance Bus Station and Jiaozuo Tourism Bus Station.
From the Jiaozuo Long-distance Bus Station, you can take long-distance buses to cities like Beijing, Tianjin, Hefei, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, etc..

Inter-city bus
There are many inter-city buses in Jiaozuo to get to each district and street.