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Jinan Transportation

Jinan has an advantageous geographical position and developed traffic conditions. Now, there are a number of expressways including Ji—Qing Expressway ( Jinan—Qingdao) to the east, Jing—Fu Expressway (Beijing—Fuzhou ), Jing—Hu Expressway (Beijing—Shanghai) to the south and north, Ji—Liao Expressway (Jinan—Liaocheng) to the west. Jinan is surrounded by the highways encircling the city. National highways of 104, 105, 220, 308, 309 and 16 provincial highways traverse the city. Jinan has become the center of the highway network and pivot of expressways in the province.

At the end of the year 2007, 12,800 various commercial vehicles were available. All the year round, 680,000 passengers were transported, increasing by 11.5 percent. At the end of the year 2007, 8,143 various kinds of taxis were available. The total electricity consumption of the whole society hit 19,077 GWh.