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Nalati Transportation

In summer,vistors can go to Nalati from Urumqi airport,it takes 40-50 minutes to fly to Urumqi Nalati Airport.Taking a bus to Xinyuan County bus station from the Urumqi Nianzigou bus station.It takes 14-17 hours and then transfer to Nalati bus station.

Nalati local transportation

Shuttle bus:
Line 1: Visitor Center - Nalati air prairie - Nalati nomadic people - Visitor Center, Tickets: 60 yuan
Line 2: Visitor Center - Nalati core area - Visitor Center Tickets: 40 yuan
Line 3: Visitor Center - Winding Road - Panlong Song - Original Forest Park - Visitor Center, Tickets: 70 yuan
How to Nalati?

By plane
You can choose to go there by plane directly from Urumqi airport Lahti travel, flight time is one hour.

By bus
A. There are shuttle between the Yili and Nalati.
B. You can take a bus from Xinyuan country to Yili first, then transfer car to Nalati.