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Nanchang Transportation

As the provincial capital, Nanchang is an important transport hub in East China and also the main distributing center for both domestic and international travelers to get around major cities in Jiangxi Province. The complete transport network extends in all directions of the city, fast and convenient.

External Tranportation

By Air 

Nanchang's Changbei International Airport,located 28 km north of Nanchang city center, harbors nearly 100 flights per week serving major domestic cities and Hong Kong, and Singapore.Airport shuttle buses are available which take about 50 minutes at CNY10 to reach city center.

By Train

The two train stations in Nanchang, namely Nanchang Railway Station in Xihu District and Nanchang Xi Railway Station in Honggutan New District, serve both ordinary trains and high-speed bullet trains. Bullet train journey between Shanghai and Nanchang takes about 6.5 hours while ordinary train takes 10 hours.

By Coach

Nanchang-Zhangzhou and Nanchang-Jiujiang high ways link the both sides of the Gan River. Eight long-distance buses in Nancha connect the city to over hundred major cities of China, such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Hefei, Yiwu and etc each day. Among the eight stations, Xufang Coach Station, Nanchang Long-haul Coach Station, and Qingshan Coach Station are the major ones.

By Ferry

Nanchang Prot is the biggest port along Gan River and also an important water transportation hinge in Nanchang. Now there are water routes from Nanchang Port to Boyang, Duchang, Ruihong, Zhouxi, Lianhu, as well as Poyang Lake, Tengwang Pavilion, Jinggang Shan, Dagu Hill and other attractions.

Internal Tranportation

By Bus

Nanchang has a developed bus system, covering the whole city roads and attractions. Besides, various mini-buses, sightseeing buses, and shuttle buses serve passengers.
For travelers making for tourist spots, bus No.7, No.18, No.16 and No.26 serve Tengwang Pavilion; No.219 and No.112 offers the transfer services to the summer resort-Meiling Mountain.

By Taxi

Taxi service in Nanchang operate at two levels, basic and luxury. It charges in a tiered pricing mode with a starting fee of CNY6. A fuel surchage at CNY1 will be charged for each journey.