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Ngari Transportation

Ngari Gunsa Airport is 40 km away from the town of Ali. There are flights to Lhasa and Kashgar.

Ali is the capital of Ngari.The G219 Xinjiang–Tibet Highway passy through the city.The road condition is good from Lhasa to Ali.

There are three main way going to Ali.The South line is from Lhasa to Shigatse Lazi County,then Lazi County from State Road 219 into Ali.The Northern Line is from Lhasa via Shigatse region- Ali Cuoqin county region-Gaize county-Geji county,then arrive the shiquanhe town in Ngari.The third way to Ali is departure from Xinjiang Yecheng via State Road 219 directly into the Ali region.

Domestic travelers: Remember to take the Border Permit for Ngari is restricted area The permit can be arranged in the home city.Or vistors can get the permit in Lhasa or Kashgar.

Foreign travelers: As of 2012, foreign tourists must travel to Tibet in a group of more than three people with the same nationality.