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Shiyan City Transportation


It is only 90 Kilometers from Wudangshan Airport (near the Shiyan-Shangfan expressway), which has many airlines directly flying to main big & middle scale cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Xi'an.


Xiangyu railway is the most convenient way connecting Central China with the Southwest and the Northwest of the China. Xikang Railway (Xi'an -An'Kang) is the most convenient passageway of the Central China through Shiyan to the northwest.By Bus: No.209 and No.316 national roads run across the city, the expressway between Wuhan and Yinchuan links the east to the west of the city, which the section between Shiyan and Xiangfan has been completed, the section between Xi'an and Shiyan will be constructed soon. And the high-class road between Chongqin and the city is putting into plans.