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Zhangzhou Transportation

As the southernmost city in Fujian Province, Zhangzhou is connected to other major cities in China with train and coach. Internal transportation in Zhangzhou is limieted with no public transportation available after 09:45PM at night.

External Tranportation
By Air: though there is no airport in Zhangzhou, visitors can easily reach Zhangzhou by transferring from Xiamen Gaoqi Airport.
Ways of transfer: 
By train: take the train K741 from Xiamen to Zhangzhou (1 hour)
By airport express: in Xiamen Gaoqi Airport, take the direct express bus for Zhangzhou (Minnan Express)

By Coach: Xiamen Long-haul Coach Station serves neighoring cities including Fuzhou, Putian, Guangzhou, Quanzhou, Xiamen, Shenzhen,  etc.

Internal Transportation
By Bus: there are 23 bus lines shuttling in the urban area of Zhangzhou, among which only three lines operate on night shift from 06:35PM to 09:40PM. Exploring Zhangzhou at night will involves taking a taxi.