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Reception of International Buyer Inspection Group

From 8th March 23, 2015 Century Holiday received a buyer inspection tour group of 20 from USA, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Russia, Philippines and Czech Republic. There was also a buyer inspection team of 33 from China who were also participating. On the first day of the tour, the group visited OCT. East, OCT. Bay in the morning. In the afternoon the group was treated to a local Dim Sum lunch and continued their tour of OCT. East Tea Valley. A promotion conference was also held at Tea Valley which addressed the cooperation between Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture Sport and Tourism, OCT. East and Century Holiday Travel Group.

After the conference our Inbound Reception General Manager, Ms. Olivia Au and China Tour Advisor Chief Operational Director, Mr. Billy Zeng were present to answer questions and inquiries from the international and domestic buyers.

Inbound Reception Center Manager, Ms. Olivia Au speaking to buyers. 

Mr. Billy Zeng with colleagues and buyers.