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Ancient Villages Southern Anhui

 Yi County Attractions


There are 140 Qin and Ming dynasty residential buildings which have been well preserved. The most prestigious Folk Palace Museum Chengzhitangis  was built by salt merchants in Qin dynasty, with 2000 square meters by brick and wood building. The building is magnificent with exquisite skilled wood carvings on the beams, doors and windows of the main hall. The numerous figures have affluent expressions, within the boutique of wood carving arts.


The village is 700 kilometers long from east to west, 300 meters wide from south to north, with more than 300 households and more than 1000 residents. Because it was a post sending letters in the old times, it was called “Xidi.” There are 200 Qin and Ming dynasty residential buildings which are well-kept till now. The Hui style buildings are harmonized standing, with brick , wood and stone carvings embellished into them. There are scenic spots that must be visitied these are: Ling Yun Pavilion, Ci shi Pai lou, Rui yu Chamber, Taoli Garden, East Garden, Da fu di, Jing Ai Tang, Lv fu Tang, Qing Yun Xuan, Yin Fu Tang and Ying Tian Qi Museum. 

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