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Hemu Grassland

 Burqin Attractions

Hemu Grassland is one of the major attractions in Burqin County tourism. It is located in the rift basin where Kanas River and Hemu River intersect. It has an elevation of 1,124-2,300 meters above the sea level. The Hemu River has formed complicated topography in this area with valleys and hills. Hemu River runs through the Hemu Grassland from the northeast to the southwest and divides the grassland into two parts. The sunny slope has dense forests where dwells animals like red deer, woodchucks and snow cocks. While in the shady slope, there are green grassland with colorful wild flowers, casual groups of cows and sheep.

In the Hemu Grassland, there stands an ancient village, Hemu Village. Hemu Village is one of villages that live the Tuwa People, which is a branch of the Mongolian ethnic group and believers of Lamaism. Hemu Village integrates with the grassland naturally and harmoniously, forming the beautiful and attractive scenery. The original and natural factors of snow mountains, forests, grassland, blue sky, white clouds, clear river, ancient cabins, casual animals form the unique landscape in Hemu Grassland.

July and September are the best time to visit Hemu Grassland. In July, the grassland is in the ever green color with colorful wild flowers scattered here and there. Together with the blue sky, white clouds, the snow-covered mountains, cabins and green forests, you see a refreshing pastoral world. While in September, Hemu Grassland has become a golden world where forests of deep golden color. Especially in the morning when sunrises, smoke curling up from the chimneys, ancient cabins under the bright morning sunshine, set off the golden forests not far away, Hemu Village and Hemu Grassland get the most attractive scenery.

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