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Moon Bay

 Burqin Attractions

About one kilometers where the Crouching Dragon Bay runs to the Irtysh River, you can find a crescent moon-shaped bay, that is the beautiful Moon Bay. Moon Bay is one of the major attractions in Kanas Nature Reserve. It attracts people traveling there by its charming and tranquil scenery.

Color of the water in the Moon Bay would change when the Kanas Lake changes. This is why we see Moon Bay of different colors in different seasons and weathers. Sometimes, it is a blue bay, sometimes green, or a white one sometimes.

In the morning, there pervades mist over the bay, and when light sunshine shades down, reflecting with the blue lake, this create a fairyland on earth. When autumn, the golden forests on the bank reflected in the clear blue lake, that beauty travels all the way to the Crouching Dragon Bay and drunken people in the stunning views.

When coming to Moon Bay, try walking down the wooden plank path leading down from the bus stop to Kanas Lake to the Crouching Dragon Bay. Alongside, you can enjoy the splendid snow mountains, green forests, the white and green in the blue clear lake, that would be a very pleasant journey.

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