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Multi-coloured Bay

 Burqin Attractions

Located in Burqin County of Altay Region from Xinjiang Province, Multi-colored Bay is one of the major tourism attractions in Xinjiang that has attracted a lot of tourists travel there with its imposing landscapes and mysterious spectacular.

Multi-colored Bay is about 24 kilometers away from Burqin County. It is faces the beautiful Irtysh River across the shore. Multi-colored Bay belongs to Yadan landform as it lies in desert region and there are hales all the year around, thus the severe erosions by the river and wind has formed the peculiar Yadan landform with steep hills and odd hummocks. While as rocks in the bank contains different types of mineral substances, they show different colors under the sunshine.

Multi-colored Bay has different views on its south and north bank. On the south bank, there are mountains, oasis, also deserts. You can enjoy the original nomadic life of Kanzak people. Ever green oasis decorated with colorful wild flowers, groups of cows and sheep wondering, horses running, and casual camels, this natural scenery with the lively animals come into enjoyable views.

While on the north bank, you see a colored splendid beach with peculiar colors. Under the influence of river and wind, the Yadan landform on the north bank gets various views in each hammock under the sunshine. Red, green, purple, yellow, white, black and mixed transitional colors... These dazzling colors give great visual impact. Whenever there are hales coming, ravines and rocks make odd sounds which adds an air of mystery to Multi-colored Bay.

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