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Crouching Dragon Bay

 Burqin Attractions

Crouching Dragon Bay is located about 10 kilometers away from Irtysh River and 140 kilometers away from Burqin County. It is called Kazan Lake, or Guodi Lake, which is named as its shape resemble the bottom of a pan. Crouching Dragon Bay has beautiful and attractive scenery with green and dense forests surrounded, Crouching Dragon Bay is actually formed by a series of meandering bays under the influence of water erosion.

At the entrance of Irtysh River to the Crouching Dragon Bay, torrents run into the rocks with sprays flying around. While when it comes into the Crouching Dragon Bay, you see a different view. Crouching Dragon Bay has a wide river bend. When the great Irtysh River runs through this area, it slows its speed. Water in the Bay becomes gentle and wavy with wind, shinning under sunlight, blue and clear, its tranquility and serenity become more natural and charming.

Around the Crouching Dragon Bay, there are green mountains and dense forests. At the spring and summers, mountains are decorated with colorful wild flowers. In autumn, the blue bay reflects the golden trees to present a spectacular of two different colors. At the winter, the white snow-covered mountains and banks makes the Crouching Dragon Bay more serene and peaceful. There is a small island in the center of Crouching Dragon Bay with green forests and grass.

Crouching Dragon Bay is a great destination for summer resort. Have a rest in the forest, sightseeing on the bank, or take a boat in the river, or fishing on the bank, all are great experiences.

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