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Fairy Bay

 Burqin Attractions

Fairy Bay is another beautiful attraction in Kanas Nature Reserve that allures many visitors. Fairy Bay is actually a shoal formed by Kanas Lake in the between mountains. Kanas Lake becomes wide when it comes to Fairy Bay as a result of blocking by landslide and debris in the lower reaches. Thus, Fairy Bay has the widest area in Kanas Lake. Here at the valley along the Fairy Bay, topography changes gently and has grown wetland and grassland on the bank.

There are several small islands drifting in the Fairy Bay. Legend has that there are immortals living there, this is how the name Fairy Bay comes. When light shades down to the lake, the shining light spots are like casually scattered pearls, very beautiful. Around the Fairy Bay, there are green mountains, primitive forests, flowery grassland, and the misty lake, these natural beauties make the Fairy Bay a paradise.

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