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Jiandu Museum

 Changsha Attractions

Changsha Jiandu Museum is currently the world's only modern thematic museum which collects, protects, repairs, researches and exhibits bamboo slips, as well as an important cultural attractions in Changsha. The Jiandu Museum covers an area of 30 acres and the main building has an area of 14,100 square meters, of which 6000 square meters is the exhibition hall and warehouse area of 3,000 square meters.

This museum has more than 140,000 bamboo slips and wooden tablets dating back to the time of the Three Kingdoms, which have been unearthed in downtown Changsha since October 1996. In addtion, there are more than 20,000 pieces of bamboo slips dating back to the time of the Western Han Dynasty unearthed in 2003. The slips and tablets, which were inscribed with feature, recorded in details about the political, economic, military, cultural and geographic information in the ancient Changsha prefecture which was under the rule of Kingdom WU (222 AD-280 AD), according to sources with the local government. Additional, there are also about 3500 pieces of bronze, lacquered wood, paintings, gold and silver and other collection.

Ancient Chinese wrote on either wood tablets or bamboo slips, and paper only began to be used in the late Eastern Han Period (25AD-220 AD). In the ancient Chinese, before the paper was invented paper, books, the main instrument in writing to bamboo, wood texture for the Jane's article, and then binding thread linking, easy to read and save. People with bamboo as the material for Jane to wood as the material for correspondence. Prior to the Qin and Han, Jian Du is the most widely used form of the instrument.

Jiandu Museum Address
No. 92 Baisha Road, Tianxin District, Changsha city, Hunan province, China

Opening Time
Wednesday - Monday 9:00 - 17:00 (4:30 pm stop to get tickets into the museum); closed on every Tuesday, New Year's Eve, the first and second day of the Chinese New Year

How to Get the Ticket
Hold a valid identity document to get the ticket at the Changsha Jian Du Museum ticket office

Take No. 2, 122, 202, 314, 406, 803, or East Line and get off at the ChengNanLuKou;
Take No. 124, 901 to the west gate of Tianxin Pavilion


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