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Sichuan Cuisine Museum

 Chengdu Attractions

Sichuan Cuisine Museum is situated at Pixian Ancient Town of Chengdu City. This museum occupies an area of 12,000 square meters with several different functional halls including collection hall, demonstration hall, tea-house and so on. It is the only one museum in China that themed at displaying cuisine culture.

When travel to the Sichuan Cuisine Museum, tourists are encouraged to know and learn more about the history of Sichuan Cuisine by its origin and development through the displayed historic relics like books, photos and utensils. The museum displays many historic kitchen utensils, crockery, silverware, and models of dishes for visitors to learn more.

Within the museum, there is a kitchen open to the visitors where you can get a close look at the cooking process. Visitors even are encouraged to practice cooking there. In the tea-house at the museum, it is great to learn and experience the part of tea culture in Sichuan cuisine.

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