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Goddess Peak

 Chongqing Attractions

There are many beautiful fairy tales related to goddess peak, in the pre-history era, there lived many fairies in the palace of heaven. Among them, Yaoji, the twenty-third daughter of the queen mother of the west. She was beautiful, intelligent and kindhearted while could not endure the boring life in the palace. She invited other 11 sisters to speed across the sky, flew over thousands of mountains and impressed by the wonders in human world. But when they came to the mist-enveloped Wushan Mountains.

Twelve dragons were making trouble and Yu was surrounded by the flood. Yaoji admired by Yu’s dedication and indomitable spirit, Yaoji decided to eliminate the evil dragons, helped Yu dredged the gorge and solved the flood. Since then, Yaoji fell in love with three gorges and forgot to return to the palace of heaven. After years, they turned into twelve bizarre and beautiful mountains standing along the Wu gorge called “Twelve Peaks of Wu Gorge”.

Concerns may arise in visitors’minds whether the charisma of the Twelve peaks of the Wu gorge still remain, while the Goddess Peak is still elegant and slim attract countless tourists around the world come to admire her beauty. It is said “The Goddess Peak if she is still there, will marvel at a world so changed.”

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