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Goose Neck Park

 Chongqing Attractions

Goose Neck Park, or E Ling Park, is located in Chongqing’s Yu Zhong District and is Chongqing’s earliest personally owned garden. The park was earlier called Edingling or Goose Nape Hill due to its steep and narrow shape that resembled the nape of goose. 

Goose Neck Park was built in the year 1909 and had various special species of plants as well as a beautiful tower which provided views of the city. All the architecture and artwork is done in the traditional Chinese way. The Goose Neck Park was made by one of Chongqing’s high ranking government officials.

Inside the Goose Neck Park, the Nanshan, Wangshan and Mt. Jinyun with age-old trees and bamboo groves are worth visiting. Other attractions such as Sheng Bridge, Tiger Terrace, Bonsai Garden where guests can appreciate flowers and bonsai, enjoy the night scene and tasting the tea beverage are also worth visiting. Furthermore, the Hot Springs of the Southern and Northern Parks are also worth a try. Sometimes, some exhibitions are held in the park, such as chrysanthemum exhibition.

The park is next to the Yangtze River on a peninsula, it’s said that it was originally a land bridge that a governor made to stretch across the river to make transportation easier. The area is a 3A scenic area; it has steep narrow mountains, vast amount of flowers and plants, and a beautiful view of the Yangtze River. 

The park is also a great place to cool down on those hot Chongqing summer days and nights. They have a rope bridge made here specifically for that purpose. There is a building in the park named Deng Building; it is a great place to get a panoramic view of the near bear area, and a better place to see all the lights light up at night time.

More about Eling Park
During the war between China and Japan, the British ambassador lived in the park for 5 years, and the Australian embassy was also located here. After the liberation of Chongqing in 1949, Deng Xiaoping, Liu Bocheng, He Long and Comrade Li Da Lived here. After Deng Xiaoping’s march in I958 the park had many renovations. More trees were planted, new pavilions were built, more flowers were planted, they even built a Bonsai Garden, and many other attractions. In 2005 the park became open to tourists for free.

Addrss: Changjiang Yi Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing.
Opening Time: 08:00-22:30
Ticket: free
How to Get There: take buses No.109, 224, 402, 403, 405, 413, 418, 421 and get off at E Ling. 

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