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Donglianhua Village

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Donglianhua Village, also called East Village of Lotus, is situated in Yongjian Township, Weishan Yi and Hui Nationalities Autonomous County of Yunnan Province. Donglianhua Village is a classic Muslim village that has a long history and glorious culture.

The village is surrounded by water in three sides with beautiful and pleasant natural environment. It used to be an important outpost along the ancient Tea and Horse Road, now it is a historical and cultural village with well-conserved ancient architectures and deep cultural background. Most of the architectures in Donglianhua Village are preserved from Ming and Qing Dynasties. These ancient architectures are magnificently built with proportioned layout, exquisite design and intricate decoration. Among those ancient architectures, the most famous ones are the courtyards of the Ma Family, who were caravaneers in ancient times. Now the three ancient Ma courtyards are developed as “Caravan Culture Museum” to learn more about caravan history and culture.

Donglianhua Village also has rich minority and strong Muslim customs. The most outstanding representative is the Donglianhua Mosque in the village. Donglianhua Mosque is a major attraction in Donglianhua Village. This large-scaled mosque built in unique folk style is a great destination for the admiration of Muslim architecture and culture.

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