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Weishan Ancient City

 Dali Attractions

The ancient city of Weishan is located on Mount Weishan in the west of Yunnan Province. The ancient city was established during Yuan Dynasty. The city is centered by an arch gate tower. The streets intersect each other in parallel and the shape of the city is a symmetrical square, a typical Chinese ancient city structure. There are 25 streets and 18 lanes in total. The wall and gate was originally made of soil and clay. In Ming Dynasty, people switched to bricks to build the city.

Mount Weishan is abundant in cultural and historical elements. From Yuan Dynasty, to Ming and Qing Dynasty, the city of Weishan has always been a part of the empires. It was the earliest part of Yunnan Province that started to embrace civilization, during which numerous temples, historic buildings emerged. Most of them are well-preserved to the present day.

Best Time to Visit Weishan Ancient City 

The city is in Dali, which is blessed with perennial spring-like weather. Thus it is suitable to go to the city all year round. However, a hug swing of temperature between day and night is common in Mount Weishan. You had better bring one or two winter clothes with your summer wears. 

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