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Three Sacred Mountains

 Daocheng Attractions

In south edge of Daocheng County, there locates the Yading National Reserve which is considered as the most sacred place in western Sichuan Province and every year there are many pilgrims go three for their sacred activities. In the Yading National Reserve, there lies three holy mountains, namely Yangmaiyong which is 5,958 meters high, Xianuoduoji which is 5,958 meters high, and Xiannairi which is 6,032 meters high.

These three holy mountains are high and steep, standing in Daocheng like sharp swords directly into the blue sky. These three magnificent mountains are sacredly with snow capped all the year around. They attract tourists and pilgrims with their own unique postures and shapes. Xiannairi Mountain resembles a grand Buddha statue, seated in the Lotus position proudly, Yangmaiyong Mountain looks like a young lady, sitting there dignified and noble. While Xiannuoduoji Mountains is just like a young boy, energetic and resolute. Around the three sacred mountains, there are about other 30 mountains in different sizes with special and unique postures, forming the spectaculars of the Yading National Reserve.

Also there are blue lakes and green grasslands in front of the mountains. Sacred snow mountains, steep cliffs, pure blue lakes, white glittery glaciers, green grasslands, primitive forests, clear streams, these natural attractive characters present us a peaceful and quiet world in the pure land. When you travel to Yading National Reserve to visit the three sacred mountains, do not miss out to enjoy the most beautiful spectacular of sunrise of Xiannairi Mountain in Pear Lake, riding to the Milk Lake for the best photography view of the holy mountains, and visit the colorful Wuse Lake.

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