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Dianchi Lake

 Kunming Attractions

Dianchi Lake is the sixth largest freshwater lake in China and includes a shoreline of over 160 kilometers (100 miles). It is also a natural cistern, being of great benefit not only to the water supply, flood control, shipping and fishery, but also to the climate conditioning.

The west side of Dianchi Lake is covered by the mountain forest, while the east side is dotted with the fisheries and agribusinesses. There are few natural sights more beautiful or inspiring than a mountain and a mountain-like side by side under the sun. There is just something about the deep green water reflecting the forests and stone peaks that captures the imagination and man's sense of adventure.

Traditional fishermen still sail with their boats on the lake, carrying about their family business today in much the same fashion as their ancestor's did hundreds of years before. There probably isn't a better way to truly enjoy the surroundings than to take a ride on a boat for a trip around the lake. The blue sky, cool water, invigorating fresh air, and soaring birds will all contribute to building a lasting memory and love for Yunnan province.

Dianchi Lake is the most beautiful at dawn and sunset, the captivating scenery makes the lake one of Kunming's top attractions. The refraction of the ethereal rays glitter on the water surface just like thousands of silver fish swimming and playing. This ocean-like lake is indeed the best place to go for those people who wish to get away from the bustling city and be close to nature.

Opening hours: 8:00AM-6:00PM
Admission: Free 

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