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Yongding Chuxi Tulou Cluster

 Longyan Attractions

Chuxi Tulou Cluster is one of the famous among Yongding Tulou, it is perhaps the most picturesque of the tulou clusters. Chuxi Tulou Cluster is located in the Chuxi village, Xiayang Town of Yongding County in Longyan City, Fujian Province. It consists of 5 round earth buildings and 31 square earth buildings, which makes up an important part of the Fujian Earth Buildings that have been recently added to the World Culture Heritage List. It is inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage site 1113-001.

Chuxi Tulou Cluster is famous for its museum. This is the Tulou cluster that houses the biggest Tulou and Hakka folk museum in China. In the most complete Hakka's folk-custom museum of China, there are more than ten thousands folk-custom cultural relics. From here, we can know about the historic origin of Tulou's or earth building's construction and Hakka's folk-custom.

The oldest and the largest round tulou in this cluster is Jiqinglou which is built in 1419 during the reign of Emperor Yongle of the Ming dynasty. It consists of two parts: the outer ring building and the second ring, four storeys tall, with 53 rooms on each level. The outer ring has 72 staircases. The second ring is a one-storey building. Other Tulou, like Shengqing Lou, Shanqing Lou, Gengqing Lou and Gongqing Lou ect. are also worth a visiting. 

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