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Greater Khingan Mountains

 Harbin Attractions

The Greater Khingan Mountains is referred to as the “Last Pure Land”. In spring the red azaleas are in full bloom. In the summer, the fragrance of the forests fills the air. In autumn, the forests is covered with beautiful colors and in winter, the mountains and the pines are tinted up by silver pigments.

The mountain area is divided into 7 administrative divisions – Mohe County, Tahe County, Mid Hohhot Area, New Forest Region, Huma County, Songling Region and Jiagedaqi Region.

Greater Khingan Mountains is an oxygen paradise covering a large forest area - a total of 84.6-thousand square kilometers. It is an ideal getaway for trekking and exploring for its colorful landscape in autumn.

Mohe Village is located to the north of the Great Khingan Mountains, this village is the northern extreme of China and it is called the Arctic Village of China. The mystical northern lights can be seen here so the village is known as the city without darkness.


The first travel stop for most of the tourists visiting the Great Higgnan Mountains is Mohe county, the train from Harbin to Jiagedaqi lasts 9 hours, then change the train to Mohe, is another 10 hours.The Jiagedaqi – Tahe – Mohe highway is complete, tourists can drive or rent a car to visit the Greater Khingan Mountain Areas.

Best Time to Visit:

Autumn (June to September) is the best time to visit there as the Greater Khingan Mountains is the northern extreme of China, the average temperature there is only -2.8 degree centigrade. 

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