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Chimelong Xiangjiang Safari Park

 Guangzhou Attractions

The Chimelong Xiangjiang Safari Park Guangzhou is a national-grade wildlife world which is considered to reach international standards, characterized by keeping large population of wild animals and drive travel.

The Xiangjiang Safari Park Guangzhou is the biggest wild animal theme park in Asia and home to over 460 species and 20,000 rare animals including five pandas, 10 koalas, Honduras anteaters, pygmy hippopotamus, black rhinoceros, white tigers and white lions. You are allowed to drive your cars inside the stock area to get a close up view of the wild beasts and this is the best way to watch animals in China. You can feed the animals and take pictures with them. The once fierce beasts such as tigers, bears and lions now cooperate to present you with an excellent performance. 

Xiangjiang Safari Park Travel Tips

Time for travel:
The park is open throughout the year. It is recommended to come on weekdays if possible; It is better to visit the park in sunny weather, regardless of how hot it is. Because there are thick green trees everywhere, cooler than city center. With the fresh air and the blue sky, you will feel very comfortable during your self-drive trip. 

In order to prevent tourists from feeding the animals, tourists are not allowed to bring food or drink into the park.
A complete meal provided at a fixed price is recommended. With 38 Yuan, you can have a very large drumstick, short rib, one set of smoked and plain vegetable. Due to primitive ecosystem, it is inevitable that there may be some mosquitoes. Therefore, it is best to take some ointment along with you to prevent insects or relieving itching.

Original price of tickets for adults: 180 Yuan, 90 Yuan for children of 1.2-1.5 meters, and also 90 Yuan for people above 65 years old

You can also consider to buy annual tickets. With 880 Yuan, you can visit 4 parks. It is quite worthwhile. There are not many places to relax in Guangzhou, so if your foreign friends come to see you, and you have an annual ticket, you can come here with them.

Opening Time
The park is open from 09:30 to 18:00 every day.
the center of walking area is open from 11:00-18:00
the time for self-drive trip is 10:00-16:30.

Metro: for the purpose of saving money, it is advised to go by metro. Take Line 3 and you'll arrive at Hanxi-Chimelong Stop directly. At the Exit E, you can take a bus for free at the Chimelong bus spot. The free bus of Chimelong will take you to the gate of the zoo (South Gate). It takes 3-5 minutes by bus and about ten minutes on foot. 
Bus: take Bus No. 288, 288A, 301A, 301, 302A, 309A, 309 to Station of Xiangjiang Safari Park


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