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Nanjing Tulou Cluster

 Zhangzhou Attractions

The earth building in Nanjing are well known in the world because of its long history, large quantity and scale, hence they enjoy a reputation of being the “mythical building in mountainous areas.”

Most Earth Building are built between the 12th to the 20th centuries. The building combine the earth material and the wooden structure and is famous for its rational construction and the full functions. There are over 15,000 earth buildings of different shapes, height and other characteristics in Nanjing county.

The earth building originated from the barracks, castles and mountain villages when Chen Yuanguang defended and developed Zhangzhou in the Tan Dynasty. Among them, the earth buildings of Tianluokeng in Shuyang Township are the most famous. Hekeng Tulou cluster is also interesting. Hegui Lou and Huaiyuan Lou are also worth a visiting.

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