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Sun Island Park

 Harbin Attractions

Sun Island Scenic Spot, located on the north shore of the Songhua River in the urban area of Harbin, is the largest comprehensive cultural park for rest and recreation. With an area of 98 hectares, green area of 74 hectares and water area of 5.6 hectares, the development area of the island is now close to 20 square kilometers and it has more than 20 scenic spots in the park.

Harbin Sun Island Park once was holiday resort of leisure for foreign nationals before liberation, and there are still a lot of foreign architectures with various styles in the area of the scenic spot; after the founding of the PRC and many years of construction, Sun Island Scenic Spot has now formed health resort integrating tourism and summer resort.

Sun Island Park offering a pleasant to stroll during the warmer months and on the weekends newly married couples can be seen taking pictures. In the winter it becomes part of the snow sculpture festivities. However, as with everything in Harbin, the park itself is still very Chinese with a cage full of squirrels, a petting deer area (just have to buy them some food), go carts, a pond that is just full of turtles, and newly weds sporting bright colored dresses.

During the month of Harbin's famous Ice Festival, Sun Island Park is transformed into a ice paradise where many ice sculptures can be seen. 

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