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Kaifeng Government Hall

 Kaifeng Attractions

Kaifeng Fu, a famous scenic spot, is a replica of ancient Kaifeng government hall in Song Dynasty. It is one of famous kaifeng tourist attractions.After suffered a long course of history and natural disasters, the past of Kaifeng Fu (the Yamen of Ancient Kaifeng) has become a legend with the bricks and tiles of the old houses and streets. The restored Kaifeng Fu replaced the decrepit houses with more magnificence.

Talking about the Kaifeng Fu, there is an important figure in this story, i.e. Bao Zheng. Bao Zheng, commonly known as Bao Gong (Lord Bao), was a much-praised official who served during Northern Song Dynasty. Bao Zheng is respected as the symbol of justice. He was magistrate of Kaifeng during the reign of Emperor Renzong of Northern Song Dynasty.

The architecture style of Kaifeng Fu strictly conforms to the officially issued architecture standard book. The neat layout, graceful style, upturned eaves, and delicate color painting reveal the traditional Song architectural style in all respects. Along the axis of entrance gate, front door, main hall, meeting house, and Plum Hall, there are more than 50 halls in various sizes. There are nine zones in different themes, including ancient government, stories about Bao Zheng, Taoist culture, ancient prison, ancient education and examination, entertainment, ancient official position, emperors, and leisure.

Facing south,occupyed an area of 60 acres,Kaifeng Fu sits at the north shore of the lake.There are side gates on the either side of the main gate.The main gate open only when the Lord Bao welcoming performance and on some important occasions. Tourists usually enter through the side gates.

The outer wall is a city wall with crenels.There are battlements and a tower over the gate forming a square alley city.This construction of Kaifeng Fu is important for wars were frequent, and all important towns had outer cities, inner cities and alley cities.
Therefore, this city wall gained a unique name “cultural city wall” for there were only clocks, drums, entertainment facilities, and some technological and cultural facilities.People need to be very careful with any structures suggestive of military aggression living at the foot of 'the son of heaven' (the Emperor).

Many people wonder why Kaifeng Fu have so many appendant buildings being a court.In ancient China,a government office was a comprehensive administrative organization, taking charge of the civil administration, judicature, public security, labor pay, education, examination, religion, and so forth.

Hope this Kaifeng tourist information can help you having a nice Kaifeng China travel.


Entrance Fee: CNY 50 for adults; CNY 25 for kids(kids under 1.4 m are free of charge)

Opening Hours: 07:00 - 19:00

A. Take Bus No. 1, 4, 5, 9, 16 or 20 in the city and get off at Kaifeng Fu;
B. It cost less than CNY 10 to take a taxi there;
C. Visitors can also take a tricycle to Kaifeng Fu, which is also a very interesting trip.

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