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Qingming Riverside Landscape Park

 Kaifeng Attractions

Qingming Riverside Landscape Garden is constructed with this famous painting as blueprint. It is a large theme park of history and culture.It is one of the Kaifeng attractions you can not miss during your Kaifeng China travel. Covering about 340000 square meters, the garden is a grand park featuring folk custom in Song Dynasty, reproducing the landscape in the painting “Along the River During the Qingming Festival”.

There are over 50 ancient boats in various sizes and 400-plus houses in the Song style.Covered by trees and flowers and filled with the ancient sounds of bell and drum, the entire landscape unfolds a lifelike picture of archaic life.

It majestically exhibits the largest ancient complex of the Song Dynasty in the Central Plains. The main architectures include gate building, rainbow bridge, street view, stores, river channels, wharfs, and ships.All the palaces and gardens have been carefully arranged.

The Fuyun (whisking the cloud) Pavilion which is 31.99 meters (about 105 feet) high will catch your attention. The pavilion is four floors outside but actually there are another three floors hidden inside.It is so tall that you can touch the clouds.That’s also where it’s name come from.It was also the place where important royal documents and traditional Chinese painting and books are stored during the Song Dynasty.

The Rainbow Bridge is a well-known spot in the park.The original one was built in 1050, and reconstructed in 1998. This is a replica of one of the ten ancient timber bridges.

There are eight functional zones, including posthouse, folk custom, characteristic food street, demonstration of culture in Song Dynasty, flower/bird/fish/bug, prosperous capital, leisure & shopping, and integrated service. Just like a time machine, the garden takes the visitors back to Song Dynasty and experience the ancient time.

All the staff of the garden wear different traditional clothes and there are performances for the visitors from 9:00 am to 22:00 pm.You can find acrobats, puppet shows, cockfighting and even a marriage scene on the streets.You will have the opportuninty to see folk customs and traditional crafts performing in the park.You can also buy many local souvenirs for your friends and family here.

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