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Kanas Lake

 Burqin Attractions

Kanas Lake, a freshwater lake located in 150 kilometers north of Burqin County of Altay Region in Xinjiang Province. It is nestled to the Altay Mountains with an area of 45.73 square kilometers. This lake is shaped in a long bean and is formed as a result of glacier movement. Kanas Lake is situated within the Kanas Nature Reserve, which is famous for the beautiful sceneries of lakes, rivers, glaciers, forests, mountains, and grasslands.

Kanas means "beautiful, rich and mysterious" in Mongolian. And Kanas Lake just has beautiful landscapes, rich resources, and mysterious colors. Kanas Lake is surrounded with dense alpine forests and green grasslands. There are spruces, birch, elm, and Siberian larch in the forests and this is the only area where Siberian species of animals and plants could be found in China.

Kanas Lake is actually a lake enchanting with its changeable colors at different weathers and seasons which is quite obvious from May to October. In May, when ice melting and snow water flows into the lake, water in the lake gets dark and presents color of cinereous. In July, with forests and plants around Kanas Lake become green, the lake gives the peaceful colors of light green or blue.

After June, when white water from the White Lake in the upper reache of Irtysh River flowing into Kanas Lake, we see the lake gives out milky white with slights of green and blue. In August, the lake changes to dark green as a result of the rainy weathers. And it comes to the color of emerald from September to May, glittering and dazzling.

One would have the chance to enjoy the spectacular of Buddha Light over sea of clouds when mounted the Guanyu Pavilion (Pavilion for Viewing Fish). When sunrises, clouds and mist curling up over the Kanas Lake and the bright red sunshine reflected from the lake may form the spectacular of Buddha light over the sea of clouds.

Alongside the Kanas Lake, there lives the ancient Tuwa Tribe which is a Mongolian ethnic group. They are believers of Lamaism. They are leading nomadic and hunting lives. In autumn, Tuwa gets the most beautiful scenery when smokes curling from chimneys of the cabins, the golden forests dazzling under the fresh sunlight.


Best Time to Visit: As Kanas Lake is open for tour from June to October every year, it is the best to visit from the end of August to September.

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